Benefits Of Dry Fruit: Benefits Of D: What is the right time to eat nuts, know here how to eat it

Benefits of eating nutsNuts have been considered good for health for many years. Be it elders or children, people of all ages are advised to eat nuts to make good health in any problem or problem. Along with this, dry fruits are also good for your heart and it also lowers your cholesterol. By eating dry fruits soaked overnight, its benefit increases even more. Although most people like to eat in this cold, but let us tell you that nuts should be taken every season. Nuts contain essential vitamins, minerals and some such compounds that lower your cholesterol level. If you start your day by eating soaked dry fruits, then they are well absorbed and nutrition is also available.

Take nuts this time
The right time to eat nuts is in the morning. To get the most out of it, you should take a glass of water and a handful of soaked nuts in a day. You can eat nuts by making a mixture of walnuts, almonds or whatever you like.

benefits of nuts
Soaked nuts boost your energy and are good for hormonal health.

Eating soaked almonds is said to sharpen memory as well as reduce cholesterol levels.

On the other hand, eating nuts in the morning also reduces weight, for this pistachios and walnuts are best.

Nuts are good for diabetic patients, they control blood sugar.

Walnuts and almonds help to eliminate free radicals. This prevents cell damage.

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