Best Car Vacuum Cleaner under Rs 1000 in India

Rylon Car Vacuum Cleaner

The RYLAN Brand Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner can be a good model for you. You will get this model in the option of light weight, portable, sleek design and compact size, which you can easily store anywhere. You get this model with a capacity of 120 watts, in which you will get a washable HEPA filter made of stainless steel. In this, you get the power of 4500Pa suction which cleans even fine particles. Apart from this, this car vacuum cleaner comes with a 16.4 ft long power cord, so that you can clean the car’s concoction. You can also separate and wash the attachment that comes with it. This allows you to easily pick up both wet and dry waste, and thanks to its small CG, you can carry it comfortably in your car and carry it anywhere. You can buy this model online in Black color at a price of Rs.899.

Hemovia Car Vacuum Cleaner

Now let us give you information about the model (‎White-Car Vacuum) of the Hemovia brand. You will also get this model with compact size, light weight and portable design. In this model, you get 120W power and 4500Pa suction power which cleans even the smallest of dirt in the car and also you can lift animal hair with the help of this vacuum cleaner. You get it fitted with a stainless steel HEPA filter that ensures meticulous cleaning and is washable to last for years. It’s easy to store and carry wherever you go, and its long cord makes it easy to clean every nook and corner of your car. You will get this model online in white color at a price of Rs 949.

ZebXo Car Vacuum Cleaner

The next model in this list is of ZebXo brand. You get the company’s vacuum cleaner in the option of compact size and light weight. This product comes equipped with a power of 120 W, with which you also get a 4.5 meter long cord which allows you to clean every nook and corner of the car. You will get a HEPA filter in this vacuum cleaner so that you can pick up both dry and wet waste. It doesn’t make much noise while on the move and it also cleans your car meticulously with 4500PA powerful suction with advanced cyclone technology. You can easily clean the car of all sizes, small or big. You will get this product online in white color for Rs 899 and with 1 year warranty.

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