Best cheap wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo in india

Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard-Mouse:

The Dell brand wireless keyboard-mouse combo (Model: KM117) will be available online for Rs 1,339 along with a 3-year warranty. It gets anti-feed, spill-resistant keys that make your work convenient. It is a full-size keyboard that comes with quick access to your workflow like multimedia keys and a handy number pad. Also you get 1000 DPI mouse which makes it easy to navigate your system with its three buttons and scroll wheel. The keyboard offers you everything from spill resistance to anti-fading keycaps as well as tilting feet for an adjustable typing position. For smooth work function, this combo can prove to be the best option for you.

Logitech MK215 Wireless Keyboard-Mouse:

Logitech company’s MK215 wireless keyboard-mouse is a very good option. It will be available online for Rs 1,195 and you also get 1 year warranty on it. This wireless keyboard and mouse can help facilitate your work. In this you get 2.4GHz wireless technology and talking about the size, you will get it in a compact size. You will also get the option of Media Hot Keys in the keyboard. Talking about some special features, you will get the keyboard with adjustable height, spill resistant, compact and numpad. On the other hand, the mouse comes with high definition optical tracking, high battery, smooth cursor control and plug and play setup.

HP Wireless Keyboard-Mouse:

With laptops and desktops, HP’s wireless keyboard-mouse also comes with pretty good quality. You can consider buying the company’s 4SC12PA model wireless keyboard-mouse. The online price is Rs 1,099 and the company also offers a 3-year warranty. You will find it in a compact and sleek design, in which you get 2.4G wireless technology. Along with this, you also get the option of 10 meter working range, nano receiver, energy saving device and stand by function. Plus a smooth responsive cursor controller with smooth scrolling, designed for professional or gaming use.

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