Drink these 3 juices daily in summer, stomach will remain cool and digestive system will be strong

Juice Benefits: To keep the body healthy in summer, it is necessary to drink juice. Instead of drinking cold drinks or packaged juices at home, drink fresh fruit juices. It is very tasty and healthy to drink fresh juice. There are many such fruits in summer from which juice can be prepared easily. To keep the stomach healthy, you should drink bael juice in summer. You can drink watermelon juice to cool the stomach. If a guest comes to the house, you can make lemonade in just 5 minutes. This keeps the body hydrated. Prepare these 3 juices at home.

1- Bell juice- Bael juice is also considered very cold and has many benefits in Ayurveda too. There is no need of a mixer to make this juice. After breaking the vine, take out its pulp in a big bowl and mix it with water with a large mashing spoon or hand. You can add some salt, chaat masala and sugar to enhance the taste. After this, filter it through a large sieve and serve it by adding ice cubes.

2- Watermelon juice- Watermelon juice is the most delicious and hydrating drink in summer. It is very easy to make and it is very tasty to drink. The good thing is that if a watermelon is less sweet or a little less red, then you can use it in juice. To make this, remove the watermelon seeds and grind them well in a juicer jar of a mixer. Add some sugar and black salt for the test. After this, filter it through a thick sieve and serve it by adding ice cubes.

3- Homemade Lemonade- If you are bored with the normal shikanji, then try lemonade whose recipe is very simple and it looks very tasty to drink. For this, mix lemon, sugar and black salt well and make shikanji. Before serving, mix some soda water in this mixture, which will make it tasty lemonade. To give a little twist, instead of salt, you can also add chaat masana and mint leaves to the shikanji.

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