Eat these 10 things rich in fiber to lose weight and keep the stomach healthy

Fiber Rich Foods: Fiber is a very important nutrient to keep the body healthy. There are 2 types of fiber, one soluble fiber and the other insoluble fiber. You can get both these types of fiber from a healthy diet. Fiber strengthens the digestive system. To control the blood sugar level, keep the heart healthy, you should also take a diet rich in fiber. Apart from this, fiber is also very important in reducing weight, getting glowing skin and relieving irritable bowel syndrome. Including foods rich in fiber in the diet does not cause constipation, indigestion and other stomach problems. Therefore, you must include things rich in fiber in the diet. know

10 things rich in fiber

1- You must eat corn in a diet rich in fiber. It contains about 4 percent fiber. You can eat corn and corn.
2- For fiber, you should include things like pulses, kidney beans and chickpeas in the food. This is a good source of fiber. You can also eat lentils and gram after sprouting.
3- By the way, fiber is rich in all fruits. Guava contains a sufficient amount of fiber. Apart from this, apples and pears are also rich in fiber.
4- You must include fibrous vegetables in the food. Such vegetables are rich in fiber. You must eat carrots and leafy vegetables.
5- Brown bread made from wheat is also a good source of fiber. You can eat brown bread for breakfast.
6- There is a lot of fiber in dry fruits. You must include them in your diet. You can add dry fruits to milk or eat it on its own.
7- Wheat flour is also a good source of fiber. Use wheat flour instead of maida. Try that the flour is slightly coarsely ground.
8- You can also use brown rice for fiber. Some people do not eat white rice due to weight gain. But you can eat brown rice. They are good for health and fiber.
9- One cup of peas contains about 16.3 grams of fiber. That’s why you must eat peas. If you want, you can eat them raw, boiled or cooked as a vegetable.
10- Oats are rich in fiber. You must include oats in breakfast. Oats contain a special type of fiber called beta glucan. Eating oats lowers the cholesterol label and improves immunity.

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