Make wonderful homemade chocolate ice cream with just 3 ingredients, know the recipe

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe: If you are an ice cream lover, then try this recipe of chocolate ice cream at home. You can easily make this ice cream with just 3 things. Its taste will be amazing. Know how to make-

1 cup whipped cream
cup condensed milk
4 tbsp cocoa powder

how to make
Take the whipped cream in a bowl and stir it with an electric whisker. Whisk it until peaks start to form in it.
Now take condensed milk in a bowl. Put a sieve over it and add cocoa powder.
Always add cocoa powder after sifting it.
Now mix the condensed milk and cocoa powder well.
Add the whipped cream little by little to the cocoa powder mixture.
Now mix it well with a spatula.
When a smooth mixture is ready, then pour it into a tin mold and cover it with a lid.
Put the tin in the freezer. Let the ice cream freeze for 12 to 24 hours.
It would be better to let it stay for a whole day to set. This will give the perfect texture.
If you want to add some more flavor to the basic chocolate ice cream, then you can add roasted almonds, cashews, chocolate chips, raisins, tutti frutti chunks and any other topping of your choice.
After 12 to 24 hours the ice cream will be ready. Serve it with wafer cones.

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