Skin Care Tips: If you are getting face waxing, then keep these things in mind

Skin Care Tips: Unwanted hair that appears on the face snatches away the beauty of the face. To get rid of these hairs, women have only two options, a face waxing and laser treatment. Laser treatment is expensive, so women opt for face waxing. Beauty expert Bharti Taneja says that there is a lot of difference between getting wax on the face and waxing on any other part of the body. A little carelessness during face waxing can spoil your face, so before waxing, take special care of some things like-

  • Never do face waxing yourself because facial skin is very sensitive. In such a situation, the skin of the face can burn due to a slight mistake, so always get it done by an expert.
  • Get face waxing according to your skin, because every woman’s skin type is different.
  • Make sure that you use wax products according to your skin type.
  • Before getting face waxing, wash the face thoroughly with clean water.
  • Do not forget to do facial waxing after scrub or bleach.
  • If you have done scrub or bleach before, then get face waxing done after 12 hours. On the other hand, if you have done facial waxing, then after 12 hours get scrub or bleach done.
  • Waxing should be done only after understanding the pattern of hair growth. If the growth of unwanted hair is less, then work with the thread itself.
  • While waxing, keep in mind the direction. Do not pull too jerkily.
  • The skin of the face is very sensitive, so waxing is painful. If this pain lasts only for 10 to 15 minutes, then it is fine, but if it is more then contact the doctor.
  • After waxing your face, use icing to close the pores. After that apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

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