The Best Way to Buy and Store Dry Fruits That Won’t Go Bad for Years

Dry Fruits Storage Tips: Dry fruits must be eaten to stay healthy. The more tasty it takes to eat nuts, the more expensive they come. In such a situation, many times people buy more nuts together in the whole sale or from where they are available, but if dryfruits are not stored properly then they start spoiling quickly. Sometimes smells start coming and sometimes insects get caught.

Due to the dampness in the weather, especially in the rain, nuts get spoiled quickly. Apart from this, many times people buy such dry fruits without looking properly which are very perishable or are going to spoil quickly. Today we are telling you how to buy and store dryfruits. In this way your dryfruits will not spoil over the years.

Keep these things in mind while buying dryfruits

  • When you go to buy dry fruits, check whether the dry fruits are fresh or not.
  • Smell the dry fruits and see if any kind of smell is coming.
  • Try to buy only packed dry fruits. They do not spoil quickly.
  • Do not buy dry fruits in large quantities at one go. There is a problem of keeping them and protecting them from spoilage.
  • First dry the dryfruits in air and sunlight for some time. After that store it in the box.

How to store dry fruits

  • You should always keep things like dry fruits in airtight containers. This reduces the risk of moisture loss.
  • Dry fruits spoil quickly due to heat, so try to keep dry fruits in a cool and dry place in the kitchen.
  • If you want to keep dry fruits right for a long time, then do not keep dry fruits inside the fridge. The moisture here can spoil the nuts very quickly.
  • If there are open dry fruits, then to protect them from insects, you should roast them lightly and store them.
  • Do not leave the box of dryfruits open as it can trap moisture and may spoil due to dampness.

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