The tension of life will be away from flowers

Vastu Tips: Trees, plants and flowers not only make our life fragrant, but they also have the power to remove Vastu defects. Having flowers in the house relieves stress and gives mental peace. . Flowers are the communication of energy, they not only purify the environment, but also maintain harmony in relationships. Let us know about flowers that bring happiness in life.

Jasmine is found everywhere, but its presence in the courtyard of the house brings happiness. Positive changes in your thoughts and feelings start taking place due to its presence in the courtyard. Positive energy is available. The fragrance of this flower creates a stress-free environment.

Peace and prosperity always reside in the house where Parijat flowers are there. The flowers of Parijat are also called Harsingar. These shining flowers bloom only in the night and fall from the tree on their own in the morning. According to Ayurveda, its flowers have the ability to relieve stress and many divine medicinal properties are found.

Champa flowers are also useful for worship. is used.

Mogra flowers bloom in summer. Its sweet-smelling aroma gives a feeling of coolness to the body and mind. The fragrance of the Mogar flower refreshes the mind and pacifies the anger.

Rose is considered a symbol of love. This flower is also full of medicinal properties. The fragrance of rose not only calms the mind but also removes stress and keeps sweetness in relationships.

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