The weight of the child is decreasing and falls ill again and again, these reasons may be

Kids Immunity: Due to staying at home in Corona, the immunity of children has become very weak. Especially children who are going out for the first time after birth. Children of 2-3 years old are getting sick more than other children. Doctors say that the reason for this is the children playing in the open for the first time, going to the park, going out. Till now, children were getting less sick due to staying at home, but such children are falling more sick as soon as they leave the bar. If your child is also getting sick very often, then consult a doctor once. Know what could be the reason behind this and how to protect the child from getting sick.

1- Increase immunity- The most important thing to avoid diseases is the immunity of the body. Children’s immunity gradually increases. Therefore, try to feed such a diet to children, which will increase their weight. Feed children seasonal fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, cheese and other healthy food.

2- Give the medicine of insects- Sometimes worms occur in the stomach of the child, due to which the child becomes irritable and falls ill soon. In such a situation, the child does not feel like eating or drinking anything. If your child is losing weight, then on the advice of the doctor, give the medicine of worms to the child every 6 months.

3- Get a flu shot- If the child is having frequent colds, then definitely get a flu shot in the changing season. Due to this, the child will be protected from cold and cold and seasonal flu to a great extent.

4- Drink multivitamin- Give the child some or the other multi-vitamin syrup every day. This will strengthen the immunity and the deficiency of vitamins in the child’s body will be removed. Also give some protein supplement to the child, so that the length and thickness of the child will also be fine.

5- Focus on diet- Nowadays children eat a lot of junk food or fake food. Maggi, Pizza, Burger, Chocolate, Chips, Cake are liked by all children. Keep children away from these things and give them a healthy diet. Feed children home-made fresh green vegetables, roti, rice, pulses, egg, cheese, milk, curd. Include milk or things made from it 2-3 times a day in the diet of the child.

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