Weight Loss: Do these 3 exercises at home to slim down your legs

Legs Exercise: Who does not like to wear short dress in summer, but sometimes women are not able to wear short clothes due to their thick legs. Some women have so much fat on their feet that they do not feel confident even in wearing high clothes, leaving short dresses. At the same time, due to thick thighs, such people also have trouble in walking. In such a situation, it is often felt that in some way these thighs become thin. You can make your legs slim through exercise. If you do not have time to go to the gym, then you can do some exercises at home too. Due to having thick thighs and feet in summer, the problem of sweating and rashes also increases. If you want Slim Legs then just do these 3 exercises at home and get absolutely beautiful and attractive legs.

1- Inner Thai Arm Squeeze- To do this exercise, first of all sit on a small height. Now with the help of your hand, squeeze the inner part of the opposite thigh. You have to do the same from the other side as well. You do this exercise 20 times. With this, you will start seeing the difference in a few days and your legs will become thinner.

2- Sumo Squat- You must exercise to make your legs slim and beautiful. This will bring your body in shape. To do a sumo squat, stand with a distance of about three feet between both the feet. Now bring the hands together in front of the chest and sit down a little. Lift your left heel off the floor and begin to pull the hips up and down, separating the left calf. This has to be done on both sides for 30 seconds. You repeat this exercise 2 times.

3- Side lighting inner thigh- This will reduce the fat deposited on your thighs. To do this exercise, first of all lie down on the side. Now stretch the leg straight and cross your other leg. Flex the bottom leg, lift the leg up and then lower it back down without touching the floor. Similarly, you have to do the same with the other leg. You repeat this exercise 2 times.

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