Which film was first sent by India to the Oscars?

Mother India Nominated For Oscar Awards: Mother India is considered to be one of the greatest films of India, which had not only waved its success in its own country but also abroad. In many ways, this film is also considered one of the most historical films of India. This film (Mother India Release Date) was released in the year 1957, and the film got so much popularity that due to this it was also nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscar Awards this year. This film was given to Mehboob Khan. (Mehboob Khan) had directed. Nargis was seen in the role of Radha in the film. It was seen in the film that Radha’s husband Shyamu gets badly injured in an accident, after which he was not able to work. In such a situation, he leaves his house ashamed of the villagers and the responsibilities of two children fall on Radha’s shoulders.

Radha raises her children in the midst of many difficult situations like starvation, storm, flood and hypocritical landlord. Not only this, but takes the role of mother in the climax of the film to such a level that she is called Mother India. The director of the film, Mehboob Khan along with his wife had also reached Hollywood to attend the Academy Awards aka Oscars. Mehboob had also made a film after this film named Son of India, which proved to be a disaster at the box office. But due to just one vote after the third poll, Mother India could not get the Oscar. The award for Best Foreign Film went to Italian producer Dino De Lauretins’s film Knights of Cabiria that year. Sunil Dutt came close to Nargis during this film.

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Actually, a fire scene in this film was shot in the city of Surat in Gujarat. Nargis was told during that time that she had to run amidst the flames. However, there was a change in the direction of the wind, due to which the fire spread. It was then that Nargis got caught in these flames. Sunil Dutt played the role of Nargis’s son in the film, he escaped and saved her. Sunil Dutt jumped with the blanket, and brought Nargis to the rescue. During that time Sunil had suffered a lot on his chest and face, and his fever also became very high. During this, Nargis had helped a lot. According to media reports, during this time Nargin’s love for Sunil Dutt was awakened and both of them got married soon.

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