Women’s brain is hotter than men’s, know what is the reason

Brain Temperature: Women’s brains are hotter than men’s. We are not saying this, but in a research it has been found that the temperature of the brain of women is hotter than that of men. A difference of half a degree has been observed in the brain temperature of women and men. Especially during the day, the temperature of the brain of women reaches about 40.9 ° C.

This has come to the fore in a research by the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Biology, London, Cambridge. In this research, it was found that the temperature of the rest of the body is up to 37 ° C, but the normal temperature of the brain has been found to be 38.5 ° C. At the same time, the temperature of the inner parts of the brain can be as hot as 40 degrees Celsius.

What is the reason for the hotness of women’s mind
After this research, it is being speculated that due to the menstrual cycle, the temperature of the brain of women becomes high. Dr. John O’Neill, involved in the research, has said that if the body temperature becomes equal to that of the brain, then it will be considered in the category of fever. However, this high temperature has been found only in people who have ever had a head injury.

Brain temperature increases with age
Research has also said that the temperature of the brain increases with age. With age, the ability of the brain to cool-down decreases. However, it cannot be said right now whether this happens due to any mental disorder or not.

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